Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here are the quick notes on 10.5 Elements of Personal Development:

1. Total belief system (self, company, product).
2. Belief drives passion.
3. Attitude of YES!
4. Invest time in things that help you succeed (reading, writing, studying).
5. Capture thoughts strategies and ideas in writing.
6. If can’t do #5, take a course in writing.
7. Take course about something YOU love.
8. Become internet savvy.
9. Begin clarifying your idea in public.
10. Publish something.
10.5. Give value FIRST.

Decision Making, the Right Choice

The first step in decision making is to brainstorm pros and cons on paper, setting a time limit in order to focus. Let it rest for a few days, adding anything as and when it comes to mind. This is also a good time to seek advice from family and friends and include it in the appropriate column.

A close look will soon reveal short and long term advantages on one hand and on the other, what could be lost, financially or emotionally. Rewards may be great but there is always a price to pay for change and this should be assessed in all honesty.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Home

I am also the same as other people who always want to have a good place to live but in Phnom Penh city, there is no such as the place the same as my home because at front of my home there are many people esp. many children play around and sometime they talk so crowed which we can say it is so noisy. There are many electrical engines which are always ignited when we have no public electricity to use; moreover, there is an iron house which is nearby a few houses from mine, so you can see how noisy it is, right! On the other hand, behind my home, it’s quite different because it looks like a rural place which has a large green grass field and many kinds of animals such as cow, chicken, duck, dog, cat and pig, 2 big lakes which have many fishes inside them and 2 buildings with one house aside. It is a quiet and safe place because only the people who work there are allowed to enter and some of those people are also allowed to do farming on the free land. Every morning, I always heard the cow’s step and the birds’ voice. In afternoon, I heard only the voice of the trees which are winded by the wind and it causes me to feel sleepy most of the time when I stay at home. During the night time, I can see many bugs, reptiles, and frog. Those bugs and animals make sounds in the night time that’s why some of my friends can hear it when we are on phone. As conclusion, my home views two different environments which are unbelievable that I can see it and I am happy to live where I am now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My desk

I have one habit of keeping my desks clean which is satisfied by me while I am studying and working on them. I have two desks; one for studying without computer and another for both studying and working with computer which I spend most of the time with it. Besides my books and computer, I have one small stereo speaker and one surround sound speaker, 5 in 1, to entertain my feeling by playing my favorite songs; moreover, I have two bottles of water for drinking that is easy for me not to go downstairs to scare someone during the night time. I still have a few alarm clocks on it but rarely do I get up early by them. Most of the time, I just wake up and silence these alarm clocks. It is my very bad habit and I need to change it now, furthermore I often prepare some fruits to eat such as Mango with chili salt etc… In addition, I have one white lamp, perfumes and some souvenirs over my desk too.

My curiosity about Lucky branch

These pictures I got from Lucky Seven which is located in Phnom Penh Center near my office. While I was waiting for my Special Sandwich, I took a look at the computer screen in front of me and started to wonder how many branches does Lucky have? How do they control their places? How much profit do they get per day, month and year? What are the differences between each branch? As my experience with some of these branches, Lucky Burger sells the burger, fried chicken, beverages, sandwiches, pizza and rice with fried chicken or pork. It’s the same between Lucky Burger and Lucky Seven but Luck Gelato is different due to many kinds of ice-creams are sold at there. I have never tried with Luck Bakery, LuckafĂ©, Lucky Salon and Lucky Department Store yet, but I think they are located in one place which along Sihanouk Blvd nearby the International Book Store. It was the former Lucky super market. I have noticed that many shopping centers and shopping malls such as Soriya, Sovanna and City mall have Lucky’s branches inside them already. As conclusion, I think Lucky Market Group is one of the most successful businesses in Cambodia.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

First drunk!

It was my first experience with beer which caused me to be drunk yesterday. Since 3:40pm until 8:00pm yesterday, there was a small stupid party which is celebrated for nothing because it was Friday and we didn't have any demo, freedom day. We gathered $7 per each to support some beer companies such as Angkor and Heneken, and the others like beef and bean etc...
I have never drunk as stupid as yesterday in my life since I don't like it and it's more difficult than fresh water to taste. But there was strange when I did it together with other friends, I just drank it like it was a special beverage even it was hard to swallow each time. Wow! At the end of that yesterday party I realized that I couldn't be 100% on myself and there was like 100 tons of rock on my head. I slept on meeting sofa for half an hour before I decided to call my sister to drive me home or drive by myself back home. Luckily I could handle it but it was a little bit fun while I was driving I kept one phrase of words in my head that I would call my sister if I had something bad. haha...
last but not least I could reach my happiness home and lied on my warmest mattress without any bad thing. when I was home I acted like I was normal in front of my parents, tried to be quiet and went to my room as fast as possible. haha...
After I slept for 1 hour and a half, I started to know myself and became normal. I took the shower, ate my night meal, cleaned my teeth and stayed awake until 4am on my bed accompanied by my favourite songs such as Home by Micheal Bubble and Tell her by LoneStar etc...