Thursday, September 3, 2009

My curiosity about Lucky branch

These pictures I got from Lucky Seven which is located in Phnom Penh Center near my office. While I was waiting for my Special Sandwich, I took a look at the computer screen in front of me and started to wonder how many branches does Lucky have? How do they control their places? How much profit do they get per day, month and year? What are the differences between each branch? As my experience with some of these branches, Lucky Burger sells the burger, fried chicken, beverages, sandwiches, pizza and rice with fried chicken or pork. It’s the same between Lucky Burger and Lucky Seven but Luck Gelato is different due to many kinds of ice-creams are sold at there. I have never tried with Luck Bakery, LuckafĂ©, Lucky Salon and Lucky Department Store yet, but I think they are located in one place which along Sihanouk Blvd nearby the International Book Store. It was the former Lucky super market. I have noticed that many shopping centers and shopping malls such as Soriya, Sovanna and City mall have Lucky’s branches inside them already. As conclusion, I think Lucky Market Group is one of the most successful businesses in Cambodia.

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