Thursday, September 3, 2009

My desk

I have one habit of keeping my desks clean which is satisfied by me while I am studying and working on them. I have two desks; one for studying without computer and another for both studying and working with computer which I spend most of the time with it. Besides my books and computer, I have one small stereo speaker and one surround sound speaker, 5 in 1, to entertain my feeling by playing my favorite songs; moreover, I have two bottles of water for drinking that is easy for me not to go downstairs to scare someone during the night time. I still have a few alarm clocks on it but rarely do I get up early by them. Most of the time, I just wake up and silence these alarm clocks. It is my very bad habit and I need to change it now, furthermore I often prepare some fruits to eat such as Mango with chili salt etc… In addition, I have one white lamp, perfumes and some souvenirs over my desk too.

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